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About us

Does it ever happen to you that while travelling around the Czech countryside you pass along a road lined with fruit trees whose rotten produce is piling up in the ditch? Or that in the city you come across a cherry tree or mulberry bush that no one is looking after, or even a whole orchard so overgrown as to be unrecognisable? Have you ever picked fruit from a tree by the road and had a guilty feeling that you were doing something wrong? Are you interested in nature and its surroundings? Do you like to get involved in good causes? Do you want to eat healthily? Do you not like waste?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you're in the same boat as us. All these questions and more led us to launch the initiative Na Ovoce.

Forced by the circumstances of city life and inspired by the German organisation and Slovak we decided to build a Czech site that works on similar principles. Na Ovoce acts as a community platform for people that want to make responsible use of nature's bounty in the form of wild fruit trees, bushes or herbs.

It is our goal not only to map out such places, but also to contribute to their sustainability, to establish new ones and to heed the values that plants represent for people. We also strive to contribute to the growth of biodiversity that has been withering in our modern times and to uphold the positives of the cultural landscape in which we live.

At the same time it is important for us that Na Ovoce be an environment which is fun to be in. You can get to know people, have discussions and find answers to your questions. We want Na Ovoce to be alive day and night, with new discoveries keeping you from falling asleep. We want you to be inspired and to inspire others, just as nature does to us.

Core Team

Katka Kubánková
Edita Hornová
Jörg Kösters
František Marčík
Monika Křikavová
Ondra Nejedlý